Las Vegas Short Sale Attorney

Short Sale does make a difference

AttorneyAttorney can negotiate your short sale more effectively than you can on your own or for that matter even a real estate agent that says they are certified to handle short sale.  Since the Las Vegas lawyer is knowledgeable about the short sale process, there is less chance of errors that may delay your approval.

Our attorney can answer your questions  like How Does Short Sale Work? Discussing your options that may be available to you. We are paid by the bank when we close your home. Las Vegas Short Sales may seem scary but we help ease your tension with our team of  Attorney and a RE/MAX real estate agent.

Our Las Vegas Attorney Can Negotiate Your Transaction

  • Our lawyer offers consultations plus will review all of the options that may be available to you. This will help to ensure that a Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure is the proper choice for you.

  • Should you allow a foreclosure?  Our lawyer will discuss that option with you.
  • Our lawyer will attempt to settle your debt, or arrange payments with your second lien holder.
  • We provide personalized service to each and every client processing your paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Our lawyer and The Ratliff/Pittenger Group communicate whenever we have any new information, so you may hear from us at any time, and we also provide weekly progress updates.
  • Ratliff/Pittenger Group have a tenured and skilled team, we process hundreds of  Las Vegas short sales a year and understand the process to getting your short sale approved.
  • All of your lawyer negotiations have more impact than letters written by real estate agents or by 3d party negotiators representing real estate agents.
  • Our Attorney is always here to answer your questions.

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Description: Las Vegas Short Sale Attorney Review of Ratliff/Pittenger Group with RE/MAX Advantage in Clark County Nevada. We were scared about what the bank was going to do. We had a referral from another friend about Bob and Bonnie with RE/MAX and there no charge Attorney negotiated short sale. We were very happy with the results.