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We Have Contacts To Every Bank and this is important for your short sale success.  Free Home Foreclosure Help Las Vegas Short Sale Agent is looking for just about the same thing when it comes to a short sale.

We Have Contacts To Every Bank, so we know how to prepare your short sale bank package based off each banks guidelines and get it approved short sale is the best option to a foreclosure. Save your credit, forgive your debt and make a new start today. Avoid home loan rescue scams.

Free Home Foreclosure Help if you’re looking for ways to save your home, or struggling to make your mortgage payment, you don’t have to face it alone. Free home foreclosure help is available to homeowners statewide. A certified Las Vegas Short Sale Agent foreclosure counselor can help you understand your options – and see what’s possible.

Visit the Las Vegas Short Sale Agent counseling page to learn more, including how to find a counselor in your area. Or, browse the site on your own to learn about sate programs, federal programs, We Have Contacts To Every Bank to help save your home, and Frequently Asked Questions on common Free Home Foreclosure Help housing issues.

Las Vegas Short Sale Agent Contacts To Every Bank

 We Have Contacts To Every Bank AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICES INC We Have Contacts To Every Bank with American Home Mortgage and successfully completed short sales with this Banks with this company.
 ALLY ALLY Formally GMAC Bank. Las Vegas Short Sale Agent!
 AMERICA’S SERVICING COMPANY AMERICA’S SERVICING COMPANY Completely transparent and easy to work with.
 AURORA BANK AURORA BANK This is a Leham Brothers Company
 AVELO MORTGAGE AVELO MORTGAGE Typically goes through a servicer, but easy to negotiate.
 BANK OF AMERICA BANK OF AMERICA (BOFA) Was very difficult to negotiate a short sale, now B of A is one of the easier banks to work with.
 BB&T BB&T We work with every bank in BB&T
 BENEFICIAL BANK BENEFICIAL BANK Working through their services has been easy to complete a short sale.
 CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICE CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICE Carrington has streamlined their process getting accepted.
 CHASE BANK CHASE BANK Now a member of the JP Morgan family, JP Morgan & Chase Bank. Easy!
 CIT BANK CIT BANK CIT Bank, though chartered by state of Utah, is simple nationwide.
 CITI BANK CITI BANK A very popular and well known who works great with home owners needing to sale for less than owed.
 CITI MORTGAGE CITI MORTGAGE Member of the CITI Bank family, easy to get an approval.
 COUTRYWIDE HOME LOANS COUTRYWIDE HOME LOANS Was purchased by Bank of America, very easy to work with.
 EMC MORTGAGE CORPORATION EMC MORTGAGE CORPORATION Typically used servicers, but easy to work with.
 FIRST FRANKLIN FIRST FRANKLIN Though a sub-prime lender, easy to get your short sale negotiated through servicers
 GMAC GMAC One of the largest Banks, now known as Ally
 GOLDMAN & SACHS GOLDMAN & SACHS Residential mortgages – we negotiate successfully with all banks
 GREENPOINT MORTGAGE GREENPOINT MORTGAGE Greenpoint has been very easy to work with. Free Home Foreclosure Help.
 GREEN TREE SERVICING GREEN TREE SERVICING Another company that is easy to work with when it comes to hardships and performing a short sale
 HOMEEQ SERVICING HOMEEQ SERVICING No longer serving for Wells Fargo, State Bridge or other servicers. Easy to contact Las Vegas Short Sale Agent who you need to deal with.
 HSBC BANK HSBC BANK Great to work with when it comes to a Las Vegas short sale
 INDYMAC BANK INDYMAC BANK Now a division of OneWest Bank – easy to work with
 jp-morgan-bank JP MORGAN CHASE ” CO. When Chase Bank was closed down, JP Morgan purchased them. Wonderful and easy.
 Litton-loan-servicing LITTON LOAN SERVICING Litton has been around for a long time, Las Vegas Short Sale Banks have worked great with sellers
 MacSquare MACSQUARE Most banks and servicers of loans work through Las Vegas Short Sales now.
 We Have Contacts To Every Bank MOREQUITY Todays market, equity sellers are rare. People are getting out by short selling their homes. Help Stop Foreclosure Free!
 morgan-stanley MORGAN STANLEY People may think of them when it is investment, but they have great home loans.
 national-city-bank NATIONAL CITY BANK A premier lender, mostly know for construction 2 perm, great to work with. Free Home Foreclosure Help!
 nationstar-lending NATIONSTAR LENDING Great company for home loans and supportive of today’s economics
 ocwen OCWEN FINANCIAL CORPORATION Supportive of government programs and easy to work with.
 option-one OPTION ONE MORTGAGE Purchased by American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc in 2008. Easy to work with.
 PNC-Bank PNC BANK Another very simple process with them.
 JP MORGAN CHASE JP MORGAN CHASE ” CO. Doing a short sale with regions is simple and easy
 Las Vegas Short Sale SAXON Don’t foreclose your saxon mortgage, short sale
 Select-Portfolio-Servicing SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING SPS is great to work with, very understanding of hardships.
 SunTrust-Bank SUNTRUST BANK SunTrust has always been a pleasure to work with. Easy and understanding.
 Taylor-Bean-Whitaker-Mortgage TAYLOR BEAN WHITAKER MORTGAGE Great company, compassionate, but need to qualify for a short sale.
 union-bank UNION BANK They are finally on board with getting the Las Vegas Short Sale Agent process simplified.
 wachovia WACHOVIA -= A WELLS FARGO COMPANY Purchased by Wells Fargo, easy to work with.
 wellsfargo WELLS FARGO BANK Follow their procedure closely to get your short sale approved.
 wilshire WILSHIRE Not at all a difficult company to deal with, just know the steps to get your approval.

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Summary: Great Short Sale Service!
Description: I was over $100,000.00 in debt. Ratliff/Pittenger Group went over everything from foreclosure to loan modification. Out of all the evils I picked a short sale as my best route to financial freedom. Thank you REMAX for helping me stop a Las Vegas foreclosure.